How to play

1. First to start playing you have to be a registered member.

2. The credits range from 10 credits to 2000 credits that can be accumulated without problem.

3. Viceday charged only 10% of the amount of credits you buy.

4. - To begin to challenge you'll have to choose what kind of challenge you want. Closed challenge (sports) without a vote, open challenge (video vs. video) voted and payment for fun (video voted) all the challenges you will have to describe the first order to be challenged and so you can play, if not a member of and have no credits viceday you cannot play.

5. Once you have bought credits and balance you can challenge anyone anywhere writing a challenge, for example, can be closed challenge games of any sport. Open challenge in writing the challenge that you do and someone has to challenge you and do the same as you and will be voted on by the two users uploading their video the winner will be the one with more votes. Only have 3 days for someone to accept the challenge and 3 days of voting. in payment for fun challenge someone bets do credit to any described in the challenge and will be uploading a video also voted only in the closed challenge game time will be 1 week for sports.

6. The challenge will remain only 3 days until someone accepts the challenge otherwise cancels the challenge; the credits are returned to your normal account without losing the credits you can challenge again until someone accepts your challenge.

7. For buy credits and also to pay for your winning challenges you must have a PayPal account in order to make the necessary transactions.

8. We are open to suggestions to make it easier and attractive game, making real money doing things for fun. You’re in the right place

9. Come have fun and win with us is easy and simple, invite your friends

Closed Challenge

It is exclusively in all kinds of games in these cases the online challenge will be 1 week if no one accepts is canceled. You can place a bet on any game you like in any sport, and don’t need to upload a video only with writing, this challenge is not able to vote because it is closed.

Open challenge

In this game or challenged the first person to write the challenge and place a bet credits must wait three days maximum for someone to accept the challenge otherwise be canceled once accepted

the two go up the video of the wager and these in turn will be voted on by the members of the site and the winner is the one with the highest score voting, later sent him a message to your email that was winning that bet. Payment of the bet will be 1 to 5 days after winning the challenge.

Pay for fun

In this challenge any player can bet anything they want to do for fun placing the amount of credits to play, once you accepted the challenger must upload a video of the challenge that is being played and will be voted on 3 days maximum, wins if the votes are in their favor.